Obama's Rebounding Approval Rating

America has been through an economic crisis and experts now feel that it is on the road to recovery. The government propped up the economy on a bond buying spree and did not raise interest rates at all. The moneta policy followed by the Federal Bank ensured that the economy did not collapse fully and that there was a pick up on the employment scene. All this has led to kind of stop and look back on Obama’s performance in his second term as President.

In the recent Heartland Monitor Poll published in the AllState National Journal, the approval rating for Obama has reached its highest in two years. Although even this figure is just about ensuring an even split in the rating, it is still the best in over a period of two years. The improved rating is attributable almost entirely to improved economic expectations. While most Americans did see a positive in their own improved financial standards, they did remain skeptical about the ability of the economy to raise overall living standards of Americans.

The survey was also enlightening on many counts. To the specific question whether the country is headed on the right track, almost fifty four percent disagreed and felt that the country was seriously on the wrong track. The thirty three percent who did feel that the country was on the right track was the highest in two years, but this was completely overshadowed by the percentage that felt otherwise. Forty six percent of the adults were satisfied with Obama’s performance as President, while forty eight percent were not satisfied. The number who felt that their personal situation would improve during the course of the year also increased.

The improved economic performance of the country has had a direct bearing on the approval rating of the President. And if the economy sustains this growth, the approval rating for Obama is bound to increase and few will benefit from the improved economy. Since October last year the President has gained seven percentage points among both Democrats and Republicans and eight percentage points among minorities.

Obama also gains brownie points for his health care policy which has helped many Americans with access to medical insurance and regular checkups without too much cost. The percentage increase among the white population was however much less at just three percentage points. Many whites felt that Obamacare would just make things more expensive in the long run.

Significant has been his gain among the three groups that form the main pillars of support to Democrats – young adults, minorities and college educated white women. Many understand that Obama is working within the limitations that the Congress presents. While many feel that Obama’s policies have merely helped to run up a fiscal deficit that is going to be hard to manage, others feel that his policies have helped to overcome an even bigger economic crisis. Midway through his second term though, Obama has surely some valid reasons to cheer.

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