Interesting Facts about the 'Land of Volcanoes'

Located in Central America, El Salvador is the smallest area of the region. A densely populated country, El Salvador is also one of the largest industrial nations in Central Ame Pacific Ocean lies to the south of El Salvador. It is the only nation that does not have a Caribbean coastline. It shares its border with Honduras in the east and north, and Guatemala in the west. Here are some interesting facts about El Salvador:-

•    90 percent of the population belongs to the Mestizo lineage – a mix of European and Native American descent.

•    The remaining 10 percent are of Spanish origin, owing to the Spanish colonists that established in the nation in the 16th century.

•    Judaism and Islam are the minority religions.

•    Spanish is the official language, but people also speak ‘Nahua’ in certain regions.

•    Children are provided free education up to high school by the government.

•    Tortillas, beans and rice form the staple food of the nation. Papusa is a popular and the national dish.

•    Soccer is the widely followed sport in the country.

•    64 percent of the population live in the urban areas.

•    Calling by first names is considered rude.

•    It is mandatory for women to wear a cotton headscarf and shawl.

•    Men are usually dressed in cotton shirt and jeans or cotton suit along with a cowboy hat.

•    Surfing is a popular activity enjoyed by almost the entire population.

•    El Salvador is also known as the ‘Land of Volcanoes’, owing to the presence of 20 volcanoes in the territory. In Spanish, El Salvador means ‘The Savior’.

•    San Salvador is the largest city and capital of El Salvador. In Spanish, San Salvador means ‘Holy Savior’. The city of San Salvador is also referred to as ‘Valley of Hammocks’.

•    The currency of El Salvador is US Dollars. US Dollars replaced Salvadoran Colon (SVC) in 2001.

•    El Salvador is the largest industrial country in Central America. It has the third largest economy after Costa Rica and Panama.

•    The country is full of coffee plantations, located on fertile volcanic plateau.

•    El Impossible National Park is one of the popular tourist destinations in El Salvador where tourists will find a variety of plant and animal species.

•    Another tourist attraction is Iglesia El Rosario – a church with a dome shaped roof and stained glass. The church resembles an airplane hangar from outside.

•    Located on top of the San Salvador volcano is El Boqueron National Park. This is an idyllic place for hiking. The crater at the rim offers short trails for hiking activities.

•    About 40 kilometers from San Salvador is Puerto La Libertad where the famous Punta Roca resort is located. This is a favorite haunt for travelers who love surfing.

•    Located about 75 miles away from San Salvador is Montecristo National Park. At the highest point El Trifinio, there is a cloud forest where tourists will find numerous varieties of ferns and orchids besides diverse bird species including green toucans.

El Salvador is a much developed country than most people think.

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