Extraordinary Looking Museums Around the World

Museums are a wonderful place to visit. They are educative and interesting and many of them offer an insight into past golden histories. Most cities in the world have muse and they are almost always on the must see list of many visiting tourists. Museums can be of a particular kind – for example science and technology museums or they can be about a single person like the Salar Jung Museum or they can belong to a period or era. Some of the strangest and extraordinary museums in the world are listed below:-

1.    Icelandic Phallological Museum can quite easily be said to be the strangest museum in the world. It is located in Reykjavik in Iceland and was established in 1997. It displays the male organ and parts of the male organ of about 280 specimens drawn from 93 species of animals. It attracts about eleven thousand visitors annually.

2.    Museum of Bad Art is located in Massachusetts in the USA. It is one place where artists who are not accepted for display anywhere else are given space. It allows expression for artists who are not appreciated in any other forum. It was set up in 1994.

3.    Sulabh International Toilet Museum though would not typically qualify for an item of display, but the museum was set up with a very strong motive to improve sanitation. It is located in New Delhi and aims at improving health conditions in third world countries. It is set up by Sulabh International, an NGO.

4.    Cancun Underwater Museum is located in Cancun, Mexico. This museum has sculptures made of pH neutral concrete situated under three to six metres of water. There are three galleries, all under water and a visitor will have to go down to have a peek at the 500 sculptures.

5.    Condom Museum is located in Nothaburi in Thailand and showcases the history of the condom. The condom evolution has prevented a number of sexually transmitted diseases and promoted safe sex and the growth of the product that helped this is displayed in great variety.

6.    Museum of Enduring Beauty is located in Malacca in Malaysia and displays the various ideas of beauty in different cultures and the extent to which the people in these cultures go to to achieve these standards of beauty. Many of the methods are painful and would shock a casual visitor.

7.    Museum of Mathematics is a treat for all math lovers and you will have to make a trip to New York to enjoy this. It is an interactive museum and aims at getting people to understand and have a correct perception about math through its many attractions.

8.    The Mini Bottle Gallery is at Oslo, Norway and displays bottles of various shapes, sizes and colours that are sourced from many places around the world. These bottles are used for various purposes other than storing food items.

9.    International UFO Museum and Research Centre in Roswell in New Mexico is the place for all those who believe in UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). It contains the history of UFO sightings and is a visual treat for all the science fiction lovers.

10.    The Bunny Museum in Pasadena, California is a place for viewing more than 28,000 rabbit and rabbit related items. Also known as the ‘Hoppiest Place in the World’, this museum holds the Guinness Book of World Records for storing the most bunny items in the world. A large collection of ceramic bunnies, stuffed bunnies, giant rabbit topiary in the front lawn amuses every tourist who comes here.

Aren’t they truly spectacular and out of the ordinary? 

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