A Travel Itinerary for February

The month of February is a lot of fun for the globetrotters. Carnivals, festivals and great celebrations are lined u this month to break the monotony of February. If you are in the quest for some party and action or are looking forward to soak in the sun and fun, check out the travel destinations where you can head to this month.

•    Chinese New Year – Akin to the Christmas in the Western world, the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong is unarguably one of the best celebrations in the world. Colorful animal floats of the Chinese zodiac signs, flower markets, horse races and fireworks form a part of the celebration. This is a 15 day festival and culminates with the Lantern festival. During this period, the Chinese flock to the temples to pray for a great New Year while bands come all over the world to perform.

•    Donsol Bay Whale Sharks – Looking for a rush of adrenaline? Head to Donsol Bay in Philippine’s Luzon Island where one can see whale sharks as enormous as 10 meter migrating in huge numbers.

•    New Orleans Mardi Gras – Mardi Gras is being celebrated annually ever since the state of New Orleans was formed in 1718. Earlier the state governor would organize Mardi Gras balls, but now the celebration is marked by floats in parades and costumed revelers. At times the celebration can turn a bit rough to handle, so tourists are advised to stay away from the French quarters after the parades.

•    Oruro Carnival – The city of Oruro hosts the Oruro carnival just before Ash Wednesday. A folklore centric event, this festival features a devil dance, in which almost 16,000 musicians accompany 28,000 dancers who perform a variety of ethnic dances.

•    Pingxi Lantern Festival – The beautiful ‘Lantern Festival’ is best celebrated by the Chinese in Taiwan, especially in Pingxi, where colorful lanterns dot the night sky. The lanterns are released after reciting a special prayer and hoping for a great start to the New Year.

•    Rio Carnival – The city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has been celebrating its annual festival in the grandest manner ever since it started in 1723. Around 2 million crowd up on the streets to watch the parades, costumed revelers and floats.

•    Serengeti National Park – February is a great time to be in the Serengeti National Park where the world’s ‘Greatest Migration’ can be witnessed. The plains are alive with a million of wildebeest, zebras, and various predators. When the rain ends, the animals are seen head to Kenya’s Masai Mara.

•    Thailand – Thailand is another popular tourist destination to be in for those escaping from the cold and snow. From the beaches of Phuket to markets of Bangkok to temples of Chiang Mai, tourists have plenty to do, see and experience.

•    Trinidad and Tobago Carnival – Rich, lively and vibrant is what the Carnival at Trinidad and Tobago is all about. Thousands of participants adorn elaborate and attractive costumes and makeup and groove to the foot tapping island music. Spectators come from all over the globe to watch and be a part of this intriguing carnival that is held on Ash Wednesday and is celebrated annually for two days. So those tourists looking for some party scene can head to this Carnival and witness an experience for a lifetime.

•    Venice Carnival – Started sometime in the 12th century, the Venice carnival features costumed revelers donning a mask. At the end of the festival, the most beautiful mask is awarded a prize by a reputed panel of international and fashion and costume designers.

Book in early to avail good discounts and deals and enjoy the month of February zipping all over the world.

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