Track and Locate your Child Instantly Anytime and Anywhere

In an increasingly unsafe world, we need to keep track of our near and dear ones. This applies particularly to children as t can be naïve and ignore or overlook any harm that is coming their way. But with children leading such active lives and moving about in big cities and even all over the globe, keeping tabs on them can be difficult. This is where GPS systems or Global Positioning Systems come in handy. These systems help to pinpoint the exact location of any object or person to which they are attached. Based on this principle, children can be made to carry such systems or it can be affixed on their person, so that parents can keep track of them even as they move about freely.

GPS is mostly used as an app for getting from point A to Point B.  But when you combine it with some handy apps, you can even get your child to make emergency or panic calls to a pre-determined phone number.

A GPS device is much like the GPS in a car. It does not give directions in this case, but simply transmits signals or data to let another receiver know where it is located. While a car GPS consumes a lot of battery power, a GPS device that simply transmits location consumes much less power. A GPS location device transmits location only intermittently and the power consumption depends on the frequency of transmission.  There are three types of devices:-

1)    A small device that can be clipped to the child’s clothing and can help the parent know the child’s location on a continuous basis.

2)    Another type of device sounds an alert each time a child leaves a pre-determined area. This helps when children go out to play and are told to stay within the playing area or in case one needs to keep track of a person who has just obtained a driving license. It can also tell parents if their children are sticking to speed limits.

3)    In panic buttons, all that the holder has to do is press down a button for three or four seconds continuously and the device will alert the authorities and a parent that there is trouble or that the child is in an emergency situation.

While the above are the three basic types of tracking devices, there are many permutations and combinations of the above available in the market in a varying range of prices. While the devices themselves are rather expenses, there is a separate subscription for tracking. This is usually a monthly subscription. And the use of these devices is not particularly restricted to children. It can be used wherever you need to keep track of another person – an elderly person unable to care for themselves, or pet animals.

What has to be remembered is to keep the device fully charged and that the user is wearing the device. The GPS tracking systems have been exclusively designed to protect and assist the parents in locating their precious little assets easily and conveniently.

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