OnePlus with OxygenOS

From simple antenna phones to sophisticated smart phones; we have definitely come a long way ever since.

A Chinese manufacturer company headed by Pete Lau realised how the smart phone industry needs a new vision. It started as an idea but in time took shape when they made an official announcement of creating the OnePlus. This highlighted the different approach between consumer technology and the delicate role of a community to start a movement.

While they were still on their first year of execution, they mainly focused on hardware. Their foundation team consists of passionate members who have been a part of this industry for decades.

The combination of the experience of the members along with the feedback acquired from the users made them build the ‘One’.

All this while, they had tremendous support from their community which helped them believe the path they were on was the right one and what they were working on was for the best of experiences.


They created their own operating system where they could quickly respond to user feedbacks, keeping them as a fundamental part for their most awaited OnePlus.

Their goal however, was to provide a fast operating system, meaningful updates and the best integrated range of services for every single OnePlus User.


They name it the ‘OxygenOS’.


Their experience with the development of the OxygenOS seems to have turned out to be quite a fun experience while they also faced some tough challenges.

Today, where most of the people want to stand out with custom ROMs, they think it is important to get back to the basics.

Their choice of features differs from the rest.

They highly value battery life and performance over unwanted-fancylooking-useless features.


They believe that the features they have added are subtle and meaningful.



Just like the nature of Oxygen itself, their philosophy behind their OxygenOS, is to keep it essential and light.

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