Hallmark Signs of a Good Driver

Getting to work on most days are troublesome with clogged roads, congested traffic and drivers who ho till you are practically out of the road. In this din of chaos, there are a handful of drivers who actually know how to drive. A good driver need not necessarily mean they have a nice, luxurious car. A good driver will never falter from obeying the traffic rules and following road etiquettes no matter what the situation is. So are you one of them? What do your driving skills say about you? If you recognize any of the signs below and been doing it all the while, chances are you ain’t much of a good driver after all:-

•    Sloppy parking is one of the first signs of a bad driver. Not following parking rules or not parking neatly is being inconsiderate and can risk other cars from getting damaged.

•    Indicating your turns by switching the turn signals well in advance is a sign of good driver.

•    Riding the clutch will wear out the clutch and its plate. Step on the clutch only if you have to change the gears.

•    Applying brakes frequently so that the car comes to a rocking halt every now and then is one of the signs of bad driving. This is exceptionally dangerous for all the cars tailgating yours. It is bad for the car and its suspensions too.

•    A good driver will never have his hand stationed anywhere on the gear lever except while changing the gears. Many a drivers contemplate unexpected situations which is why they have one hand positioned on the gear lever always. A good driver should assess and accordingly deal with the situation with pedals, steering wheel and brakes but not by shifting gears.

•    Pulling your car to a screeching halt and cutting off abruptly are signs of bad driving. Braking suddenly amounts to excess wastage of fuel and brakepads. Use brakes minimally and only when you have to.

•    If you notice everyone overtaking you from the left, chances are you are cruising on the right lane and not allowing others to get by you. When you sight somebody in a tearing hurry move to the left lane, allow them to pass and get back to the right lane.

•    A good driver will never hold the steering wheel at a 10 to 2 position. Holding it quarter to 3 is the right position. Avoid hooking fingers inside the steering wheel to prevent injury in the case of the airbag going off.

•    Rash and harsh driving is detrimental for the car especially when you are driving on rough road and when the car is not well lubricated and cold.

•    Tailgating too close to the car ahead of you is not a sign of good driving. Unexpected situations will be difficult to avoid and leaves little time for reactions. It is always better to back off a bit, keep some buffer distance and follow the car in front of you from some distance.

•    When you are driving, all concentration and attention should be on the road. Reflexes have to be sharp and quick, so that any mishaps can be avoided.

•    Most road accidents happen because of distraction. Mobile phone is the primary cause of distraction. Never ever text or attend a phone call while driving. Wearing seat belts is utmost important too.

Follow the driving etiquettes and there should be no reason why your driving skills will not speak highly about you as a driver.

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