Cloud Integrated Resuable Notebook

With touchscreens and notepads constantly at our fingertips, paper notebooks are losing its importance these days. But the are a handful of people like me who love scribbling notes with a pen on a traditional paper notebook. It is comforting and pleasant to write on notebooks and save them for future references. What if I told you that you can now digitalize all your notes and send them to the cloud, would you believe me? Probably not! But Rocketbook has been exclusively designed to do just that. Rocketbook is a cloud integrated notebook that allows people to enjoy writing in a traditional paper and pen. It then saves the notes, digitalizes them and then sends them to the cloud without the need for any additional electronic device.

Designed and conceptualized by Joe Lemay, Rocketbook is an A4 sized notebook, measuring 8.5 x 11 in or 210 x 297 mm. This notebook contains about 100 pages. Each page features dot grid pattern on either side that allows for true creativity. The paper is made of polypropylene. It is acid-free and fine grain. The paper is great for writing, sketching and making designs. The pages allow for easy organization in the cloud.

The Rocketbook system is a combination of mobile app and a special notebook. These two devices allow the user to make notes on the notebook and then effortlessly upload them on to the cloud into their appropriate files, with an easy selection of the icon. Notes are uploaded online faster than ever before. Users can also sketch designs and upload them as well. At the bottom of each page, there are seven icons or magic buttons which facilitate easy and quick organization in the cloud. Users can assign each icon to a folder inside Dropbox, Google Docs, or to your e-mail address. On marking the icon the page, Rocketbook will automatically assign the files to the designated folder in the cloud. Rocketbook is perfect for classroom teaching, boardroom meetings, art studio and more. Rocketbook can be used by everyone including architects, designers, students and creative people.

Rocketbook is compatible with any traditional pen, but Pilot FriXion pens work the best. Each Rocketbook comes with one Pilot FriXion pen. More colourful pens can be bought online or at any authorized stores. So what do you after the notebook is filled up? Well, you pop it into the microwave, erase all its contents and re-use the book over and over again – that way you get a fresh new notebook each time. The pages are designed to be erasable and reusable and of course it is microwave safe. With little effort, users can microwave the notebook and fill it up again while sending pages of notes to the cloud.

The Rocketbook app comes free with the Rocketbook. The Rocketbook app is designed to accurately convert handwritten notes and illustrations into digital images and store in the designated folders or pre-determined cloud locations. The app is available with Android and Apple iOS phones. Moreover, non Rocketbook images and notes can also be scanned, but performance is limited.

Once you finish writing on the notebook, you fire up the Rocketbook smartphone app and hold it above each double page spread. The app scans each page, processes it to the cloud and then directs them to their location based on what is indicated at the bottom that page. If all goes well, then you may soon see Rocketbooks in the market by June 2015.  

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