Now Church Attacks?

Religion is in the forefront of Indian politics like never before. Always under the surface, just waiting to be scratched, it is now rearing its ugly head ever so often. It has been on the rise over the last one year, ever the BJP came to power at the Centre. The BJP seems unable to control the Hindu fundamental groups like the RSS and Bajrang Dal. These groups by their aggressive comments have managed to incite violence, the latest being the attack on churches in Delhi.

Acts by miscreants against churches in Delhi have brought the Christian community to the road demanding action. Ceremonial items were reported stolen in St Alphonso’s church in Vasant Kunj on 2nd February. Last December, St. Sebastian’s church in Delhi was gutted by a mysterious fire. Stones were hurled during evening mass at the Syro Malabar church in Jasola. On February 5th, Christians staged a protest outside the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Delhi. While many admit that the BJP may not have a hand in all this, there is a growing concern about the Prime Minister’s silence on the issue. It may be pointed out here that there was absolute silence from the Congress when Hindus were being converted and no concern was expressed at that time.

There is much talk of reigning in the Hindu fundamental groups. It now appears to be politically correct to lay blame for all religious discord at the doors of Hinduism. President Barrack Obama’s parting comment when he left India that India could succeed only if it did not splinter along religious lines. This coupled with his comment at a breakfast meeting that certain acts of violence in India would not have gone down well with the Mahatma, reiterate this stance.

But somewhere along the line, what is missed is that Christians have been converting Hindus to Christianity on a large scale. These conversions are induced by various incentives that are mostly funded by overseas Christian organisations. With deep pockets, Christians are able to convert the vulnerable sections of society with these incentives. Massive prayer meetings are organised by inspirational speakers which can and do attract the marginalised castes in India. When conversions are organised by Hindus, there is an outcry by the politically correct, but there is no utterance from any quarter when Hindus are converted.

Religion is a matter of faith. It ought to be a deeply personal issue which is either well thought out by the individual or handed down to him by his parents, not imposed on him by inducements. And though all religions preach peace, more people have been killed in the name of religion than on any other count.

And for all his talk about ‘American values’, President Obama must remember that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. American police and law enforcement officials show a distinct bias against Muslims and skin colours other than white. The recent temple attack in Seattle in Washington State is a testimony to this fact. Discrimination is exhibited by the State and not by fundamental groups acting outside of government. Obama must set his own house in order before he can preach to the world.

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