Ambitious and a Visionary

After a long time, India has got a prime minister who is vocal about issues that affect India both internally as well as from outside. Mr. Modi is not shy and reticent like Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh. Being the sole leader of BJP and NDA, Mr. Modi has the freedom to articulate a vision and implement it. It is generally accepted that Dr. Man Mohan Singh might have had a vision of India, but he did not enjoy the freedom of execution, which Mr. Modi has. 


Mr. Modi dreams of a powerful, resurgent and developed India. He also understands India needs investment to fuel growth. Only through growth, India shall be able to lift her citizens from the vice grip of poverty. Revenue generated through business initiative can be used to help those who cannot avail the growth opportunities.  To this end, he is building up rapport with world leaders. He is on first name basis with many leaders right from Presidents of America, China and Russia to prime ministers of Australia, Japan, United Kingdom and Canada. Modi is building a rapport with all of them.  All this to get investment from developed and cash rich countries for infrastructure development in India. Being a Gujarati he understands business of profit and loss, very well. As a result he protects Indian interest well through tough negotiation. He does not seem to have much inhibition and does not hesitate to speak his mind. 


On domestic front also Mr. Modi has articulated a vision of clean India, a violence free India, an India where women are respected. For the first time a prime minister has admitted from the ramparts of Red Fort that India is dirty and needs a cleanup. He has given a clarion call to prevent female feticide, improve female literacy, and highlight women safety. What a statement by our Prime Minister, "Beto ki aash mien, betiyon ki bali na chadhaiye", which literally translated to “In the hope of a son do not sacrifice daughters”. In my living memory no other prime minster had the gumption to make such an announcement, even Mrs. Indira Gandhi who was our first woman prime minister.


It can always be argued that our prime minister is a good orator. One thing is speaking and another is implementation. But people forget that prime minister is also an executor. He monitors progress of his commitment so that he can measure deliverables. It is true, that there have been rise in communal events due to right wing Hindu groups. Prime minister have chastised his right wing party members and advised them explicitly not to damage party interest and country's image. After a long time, we have a politician who is addressing right issues and speaking about them at right fora. It is just the beginning of better if not good times. 



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