End Do Not Justify!!!

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal appears to be a man in a hurry. In his zeal to create a corruption free India, he formed his political party – Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He fought Delhi assembly election with minimum money and muscle, an aberration in Indian politics, and won enough seats to form a government with outside support from congress party. Mr. Kejriwal resigned within 49 days when he realized he cannot fulfill a key promise of introducing Jan Lokpal bill in Delhi. His detractors claimed Mr. Kejriwal wanted to enter parliament of India. That is why he contested against Mr. Modi in Varanasi. I think it was akin to fighting against Ms. Sheila Dikshit in Delhi assembly election. This time Mr. Kejriwal lost. Mr. Modi went on to become prime minister of India. 


Given the intense antipathy of Mr. Kejriwal and AAP against corruption, recent revelation that AAP had received donation from shell companies has several implications.  Legally, no company can make donation to political party, unless the organization is making profit for three years. Then also, the company can donate only 7% of its profit. In the case of AAP all donors were in red. How did these companies make donation? Did someone or some organization donated money using these companies? Did AAP got cash donation from dubious source, the party made the money white using front companies? No one knows. Could this be the tip of the iceberg? No one knows.


Moral dilemma comes from the shoot and scoot tactics employed by Mr Kejriwal earlier. They had branded every leader, many business men as corrupt. Someone so gung-ho about honest practices in politics should have been more careful about influx of high value donation. Mr Kejriwal had gone after BJP and congress leaders. Should they not be doubly certain that money that is coming in, albeit through cheque, has a face behind it? Had this mistake been made by BJP or Congress politicians, would AAP and Kejriwal spare them as error of judgment? I doubt. 


In my opinion, Kejriwal is an honest person. However, he is impatient to achieve his goal of attaining complete majority in Delhi assembly. To this end, he has looked at winnability of candidates and not necessarily their honesty and integrity. Several members have left the party in disgust, others have openly complained about Mr. Kejriwal’s way of functioning. Among which the most notable are Ms. Shazia Ilmi and Mr. Shanti Bhushan. I think in his zeal to form a government on his own, Mr. Kejriwal is deviating from his own chosen path. Accepting donation from shell companies is another effort in that direction. Mr. Kejriwal, in his hurry is forgetting that “End do not necessarily justify means”. It is AAP that had set up a high standard for Indian politics; if they lower their standard then AAP will be no different from other parties. 



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