Tips to Cope with a Workaholic Husband

One of the harsh realities of modern day marriages is coping with a workaholic husband who is never at home most times, leaving you to handle the house and raising the children all on your own. Our expectations of a married life are painted rosy by romantic novels and films. A common reality of marriage is that it is far from the rosy world that has been conjured. Due to modern pressures of work and lifestyle, most husbands have to put in long hours of work, often missing out on precious family time. At such times, it is perfectly normal for the wife at home to feel blue which can subsequently become detrimental to the marital life, health of the women and to the child’s development. Here are some tips to help you cope with a workaholic husband:-

•    Before you got married to your husband, you had a social life of your own. The unchangeable reality of a married life is that while the husband makes his professional career the focal point, the wife makes her husband the focal point, which festers disappointment, annoyance and frustration. More so, when the husband gives all his time to his work life. Instead of being bitter about it, you should learn to find your interests or develop new ones. Following passions or going back to hobbies – basically reclaiming the past life will give you inordinate happiness and satisfaction. Marriage should be the priority but when expectations are high with changing times, the only way to sail through your married life is to change the perspective and survive the difficult times.

•    Believe in the maxim of ‘Friends are Forever’. We get so engrossed in dating, getting married and raising kids that friends take a backseat. Pick up the phone or get online and reconnect with old friends. You need them more than ever in your life now. If they have moved to other cities, make new friends. Join a new class, learn something, and give yourself the opportunity to meet new people and connect with them.

•    Women who have given up their careers to focus on family life can give another shot at their career. The loneliness because of workaholic husband gets magnified when children are older and occupied in their lives. This space and free time is the best time to kickstart your career. Either learn something new or start something on your own. With time you will realize the pressures and addiction of work, and learn to appreciate your husband better.

•    Now why don’t you show your husband how to enjoy and ease the work pressure? Fix some compulsory family time. Plan a vacation and make it memorable for him. Remind him to make some time out for the family but without nagging him. With time, you can nurse him back to normalcy.

•    If your husband communicates less and has limited topics to talk about, start taking interest in his work life. Ask about his projects, enquire about his day, and so on. Interacting with his colleagues will also strengthen the bond between the two of you. It will assure him of the efforts in understanding him.

Coping with your husband’s workaholic life is tedious no doubt, but one can learn to ably deal with that while raising a healthy and happy family life.

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