The Self-Oriented Ariean

The first of the zodiac sign in the astrological chart is Aries. Indomitable energy levels and the ability to lead are their characteristic traits, which is why they are symbolized by a charging ram. Those who are born between 21st March and 20th April belong to this astrological sign. Ruled by the Mars, fire is the principal element. Ruby and Diamond are their lucky stones while scarlet and red are considered their lucky colors. Self-oriented, Arieans try to project their personality on to others. Let’s check out the behavioral characteristics of Arieans:-

1.    Adventurous – Arieans are not the ones to shy away from taking risks in life. They are adventurous people, and that gets them going in life. They love to experience the adrenaline rush every now and then. It is this craving for entertainment which pushes them into trying out newer territories.

2.    Aggressive – Being aggressive is inherent part of their nature which can be put to good use. Arieans will behave impulsively if they don’t like something. Sometimes this childlike quality of theirs can get mistaken for arrogance and stubbornness. But this aggressive nature can come to good use in the professional world and egg them onto the path of growth and success.

3.    Courageous – Arieans are not escapists. They will take on any challenge or obstacle head on. They are courageous, daring and brave. They are someone who will never worry about the consequences. They do not believe in thinking before acting.

4.    Independent – Arieans are independent and action-oriented people. They prefer initiating things rather than becoming mere spectators. They like to venture out and are go-getters. Extremely independent by nature, they live life on their own terms.

5.    Leadership – One of the trade mark qualities of an Ariean is their ability to lead. They like to initiate actions and set the ball rolling. Their magnetic personality often entices others to follow an Ariean, which makes people born under this zodiac sign natural and born leaders.

6.    Lively – Arieans are lively and enthusiastic people. And it is their spirit of enthusiasm that rubs on to others. Brimming with energy and life, they are the liveliest people in a crowd and quite popular in social circles.

7.    Optimistic – ‘Never saying never’ is what they believe and practice ardently. Arieans are optimistic bunch who are hopeful of finding a solution to every problem.

8.    Passionate – Arieans are passionate people who give their best in whatever interests them – be it relationship, friendship or work. They get into it headlong, often becoming a source of inspiration to others.

9.    Versatile – Arieans always look out for excitement and thrill which makes them a vibrant and versatile brood. They like to try newer things in life and are also known for their ‘Jack of all trades’ characteristic.

10.    Witty – Arieans are blessed with sharp wits and are naturally intellectual people. Ability to read voraciously makes them knowledgeable on any subject. People surrounding them are impressed by their wit and knowledge on diverse topics.

Are you an Ariean? Can you identify these characteristics traits in you?

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