Look Spectacular Even With Your Glasses

A woman desires to look good all the time. So makeup, even a hint of it, is generally applied before s out of home. Makeup is essential to look presentable, hide flaws and enhance the beautiful features of the face. People who wear glasses often live in this notion that wearing glasses can mar the beauty of the face. But this is not true! The way makeup is applied when you wear glasses is slightly different from when you don’t wear them. In case you wanted to know how to look gorgeous even with your glasses on, here are some useful makeup tips that can come handy:-

•    Wearing glasses itself draws attention to the face and changes your look, so makeup should be applied accordingly. It is all about giving structure to the face behind the frame.

•    Pop your lips with some bright and dark coloured hues to draw the attention from the eye area. Maroon, bright pink, red berry, coral tones are some colours you must try. Bright lip colours will make you look chic as they have the effect of balancing a look.

•    The key to looking flawless is having superb complexion. And this can be attained by applying the right compact or foundation. Foundation has to be selected so that it nearly matches your skin tone and type.

•    Eye makeup however should be light as most of it would be covered by the glass frame. You can still apply mascara, eyeliner and eye pencil to accentuate the beauty of your eyes.

•    At times your eyes may look smaller when you wear glasses. So applying nude eyeliner can reverse the effect. Nude eye shadows tend to emphasize the eyes.

•    Cat eye makeup can also compliment the glasses well. Try it out!

•    Using waterproof and smudgeproof eye makeup is recommended. Curl your eyelashes before applying mascara.

•    Try using shimmers for highlighting and defining the lower eyes.

•    Frames can also play a vital role in complimenting your makeup. Bold coloured frames are ideal when the makeup application is bright. Conversely, lighter frames or rimless look great when makeup application is light and almost invisible.

•    Wearing glasses regularly can create marks on the bridge of the nose. Apply concealer to hide such flaws effectively. Since wearing glasses draws attention to the face, ensure that your eyes are fresh and twinkling. Any under-eye dark circles, wrinkles around the eye region or puffiness can be hidden using a concealer.

•    Regardless of whether you are wearing glasses or not, blush or highlighter is an integral part of makeup application. Blush will bring a tinge of colour to your face and give it a rejuvenated look. A blush also works towards enhancing the structure of your face.

•    Make sure your eyebrows are well-defined and neat. Well-groomed eyebrows can also help in amplifying the beauty of your face.

•    Selecting a frame that compliments your face will ease any worries that you may have regarding makeup. If your glass frame invokes confidence in you by what it can do to your face and outfits, half your battle is won.

Makeup is about looking spectacular even with your glasses on.

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