Know How to Win the Heart of your Lady

The story of how you proposed your girlfriend would be narrated to your children and grandchildren as well, so ensure it makes for a good story. Now that you have decided to take your relationship to the next level, proposing is a w	ay to announce that and send the correct signal to your girlfriend. You are not alone and most men go through the same feelings and confusions on how to propose. Here are some tips to on how to propose to your girlfriend:

•    The first golden rule is to be yourself. Do not go overboard in proposing. Keep it sweet and simple. A little bit of creativity and romance will make her most happy. So go on, think out of the box, make it romantic and then pop the three golden words.

•    Candlelight dinner is one of the quintessential elements of a romantic ambience. Dim light of the candles and aroma wafting through it sets the perfect mood for a romantic evening. Remember girls love romance and everything about it. So either take her to her favourite restaurant or arrange it at home. Cook for your significant other and make the evening memorable for her.

•    Taking her to the place where you first met is one of the romantic ideas to propose to her. Recreate the same moment and then say those three words.

•    You can also choose a special day like Valentine’s Day, Holi, Diwali or any day to propose to her. Choose a day that has special significance to the both of you like anniversary, birthday etc. Remember it is about making the day memorable for the two of you and for the rest of your lives.

•    If your girlfriend loves surprises, then compile a movie comprising the beautiful moments spent together and pop the question during the interval. Screen it for her and I am sure she will be caught unawares. This is one of the tried and tested ways of proposing and works very well.

•    Get her favorite t-shirt printed with the three words. Take her to a special place, get down on your knees, reveal your special t-shirt to her and watch her reaction.

•    Plan a perfect picnic to a lovely outdoor place. Spend the day together and then slide the engagement ring into the dessert. Let her discover the ring. Then get down on your knees and propose to her.

•    Want to try something daring? Then propose to your girlfriend on the radio in front of thousands of audience. If you know which program she tunes in into, call up the local FM radio station, dedicate a romantic song to her and then follow it up with a sweet proposal.

•    If your girlfriend is the adventurous types, then wrap yourself in a gift box. Have it delivered to her place. When she opens the box, she will be pleasantly surprised to find you and moreover when you get down on to your knees and propose to her.

•    If you are having troubles expressing your feelings then prepare a banner using her real name along with the three golden words. Put it up at her workplace or outside her house. I am sure she will not reject your romantic gestures and will accept your proposal.

Go on….win the heart of your lady with your charm, smile and proposal!

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