Coping with Exam Pressure and Stress

At the onset of examination, it is very common for students to experience high amounts of pressure and stress. Some amounts of pressure is good as it keeps you motivated, but excess of it can cre lots of problems such as depression, nervous, edgy, frustrated and fatigued. Here are some tips to help you overcome the fear of exams and cope with exam-related anxiety:-

•    Start studying earlier. Exams are a preplanned course of events, the syllabus for which is usually handed out to the students at the beginning of the academic year or at the beginning of the term. Getting organized will save you from stress and trouble.

•    Cramming up at the last moment or lack of preparation because of insufficient time can cause severe panic attacks. Make it a regular habit of revising what is taught in the class the very same day. This will help you to prepare well and much in advance.

•    A lot of students learn by the rote method. Mugging does not help; understanding the concepts and studying them definitely helps.

•    Tackle the subjects that are the most difficult. Either put in extra hours understanding the concepts or get tutors to help you out.

•    Time is a precious resource that should be used judiciously especially before the exams. Chalk out a timetable that details what you will be studying or how you will be planning your morning, afternoon and evening. Make a list of topics you need to study in detail and assign time and days to it.

•    Revision is recapitulating what you have learnt. Revising builds confidence levels and eases performance related anxiety. Find out ways that is incredibly helpful for revising. Solving worksheets, redrawing diagrams, question-answer session etc. are some ways to revise.

•    Breaking the monotony is important, so take some time off too from your busy and hectic schedule. But avoid watching television or surfing the internet during this time.

•    Learn how to relax. Practice breathing and relaxation techniques. Meditation helps calm the anxious mind. Indulging in physical activities or sports can beat stress.

•    Avoid eating junk just before exam time. Following a healthy and nutritious diet is a great way to cope and handle exam stress. When the body is stressed, it compels you to eat junk food.  Try and drink lots of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. You energy levels will bounce back in no time.

•    Getting adequate rest and sleep is just as important.

•    Even after all this, if you still feel stressed out, try talking to a teacher, parent, relative, or counselor. You will feel a lot better and definitely motivated.

•    Scan each page of the question paper. Solve whatever you know first. When you remember, go back and solve what you hadn’t. Review your answers and then hand them over to the invigilator.

Parents must realize that each student has their own capabilities, so they should be encouraged to do well in their exams. Coping with exam stress ably will enable you to sail through your exams with flying colours.

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