Natural Moisturizers for your Skin

Skin loses its lustre and radiance because of hectic and stressful lifestyle. It starts looking dull, dehydrated and aged. Over the counter medication and skin rejuvenation therapies are costly and the chemicals in them will cause further to the skin. In such instances home remedies work wonders. Not only are they easily available in the kitchen pantry, but they are devoid of chemicals and preservatives and do not cause any side effects. Moisturizing is a daily skincare regime, which I am sure you would to consider using natural moisturizers. Over a period of time, the skin rejuvenates and starts looking radiant, healthy and youthful.

Honey is one the best pantry ingredients for the skin. Loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, honey is a wonder cure for the skin and keeps away dermal infections and acne. Presence of essential nutrients and oils in honey act as humectants and keep away dehydration, rashes, dermal dryness, thereby promoting moisturized, clear and beautiful skin. Honey has a soothing effect on the skin too.

Another natural moisturizer for the skin is avocado. Being an alkaline fruit and packed with the goodness of vitamins A, D and E and essential fats, avocado restores and retains the water levels in the skin. Its emollient nature and trans-epidermal penetration capability helps the nutrients to seep deep into the skin and lubricate the spaces between epidermal cells. It nourishes and hydrates the skin and prevents dryness, dullness and premature ageing.

Olive skin is known to be excellent for the skin. Fortified with linoleic acid, olive oil helps in hydrating and moisturising the skin. Skin is nourished while the patchiness of the skin is reduced and the moisture balance of the skin is maintained. Lipids present in the oil prevent the skin from losing its vital nutrients and keeps dryness at bay. The antioxidants present in olive oil protect the skin against psoriasis, sun damage, inflammation and promotes healthy, glowing and supple skin.

Buttermilk is excellent for the skin. Enriched with lactic acid, buttermilk renders multiple benefits to the skin. Buttermilk can exfoliate the skin gently and removes dirt and dead skin cells. Moisture level of the skin is restored. Buttermilk is soothing for the skin and alleviates the problem of dry and patchy skin. In no time, the skin is moisturized and nourished to its healthy state.

Applying aloe vera is great for the skin. Essential vitamins and antioxidants in aloe vera rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin by repairing damaged skin cells, alleviating dermal pigmentation, and creating new skin cells. Optimum moisture levels are maintained in the skin. Anti-bacterial properties of aloe vera keep acne and other skin problems away. Regular application of aloe vera ensures a radiant and healthy skin.

Either you can opt for homemade ingredients or purchase a moisturizer loaded with organic ingredients. So the next time you want to moisturize your skin, banish those excess chemicals and head to the supermarket rather than a drugstore, armed with a copy of the most natural and effective moisturizers.

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