Medicinal Values of Benzoin Essential Oil

Benzoin oil is derived from the benzoin tree. It is an essential oil that is highly regarded by many ancient people for its many medical benefits. The tree grows abundantly in Java, Sumatra and Indonesia and has been use extensively for its healing properties. Whether it is used for inhalation or for external application, the oil has numerous benefits. The claims on the healing properties of this oil have not been backed by any scientific evidence, but this has not stopped thousands of people from taking to it.

•    Many believe that benzoin oil improves pancreatic function increasing the production of insulin and thereby also contributing to the control of diabetes.

•    Many resort to the oil when they are suffering from a bout of stuffy nose of chest congestion. When a few drops of this oil is added to hot water and inhaled, it helps to thin out the mucous and make the cough more productive, leading to the expulsion of mucous.  Almost immediate relief can be obtained from this method.

•    One can also add a few drops of benzoin oil to any chest rub to make it more effective.

•    Benzoin oil can be used even to relieve muscle pain. One can add a few drops of benzoin oil to a few drops of lavender oil and then mix it with an ounce of almond oil and two drops of rosemary oil. When rubbed into the muscle, it can offer relief from pain.

•    Benzoin oil is highly aromatic and inhaling this can help to relax the mind and uplift the spirits. An aroma lamp or a diffuser can be used to spread the aroma in the room.

•    It helps in relieving skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis and acne. A diluted preparation can be applied on the affected area. Or else two to three drops of benzoin oil and sandalwood oil can be added in half a bucket of water and the affected area washed with it to get some relief.

•    It is a natural disinfectant and can be applied on wounds to prevent them from turning septic. Many medicinal preparations contain benzoin oil and it helps in healing the wound.

•    Benzoin oil also increases the elasticity of skin. Therefore it helps in prevention of wrinkles and is used in cosmetic applications also.

•    Benzoin oil has a natural aroma and so if a few drops are mixed with bath water, it will cut down on body odour and give off a pleasant fragrance. It is an important ingredient in many deodorants.

•    Benzoin oil also provides relief from flatulence and abdominal bloating. The oil can be mixed with any other oil, usually almond and applied on the bloated belly in a clockwise fashion.

•    It can be used to relieve arthritic pain and is used in many arthritic balms. It is easily absorbed through the skin pores.

•    Benzoin has anti-inflammatory properties and can be applied on measles rash etc.

This oil is quite potent and toxic and should not be used without advice from a qualified doctor or aroma therapist.

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