Deepika Padukone’s ‘My Choice’

Standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches, the dimpled and stunning Deepika Padukone is truly a woman of substance. Three years back she vhttp://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/sep/23/bollywood-deepika-padukone-newspaper-cleavage-videoowed the audience with her debut performance in ‘Om Shanti Om’ and since then has delivered several hits to her credit. So from the rank newcomer to becoming one of Bollywood’s most sought after and topmost heroines, Deepika Padukone is fabulous and awesome. Have you seen her latest video? Directed by Homi Adjania, this is a video featuring a montage of 99 women from all over India. It is shot exclusively for Vogue magazine on women empowerment with Deepika’s voice in the background narrating a women’s choice to be different. If you have still not watched it, click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtPv7IEhWRA.

There is a lot to dig and rave about this legged beauty and here are some reasons why I love Deepika Padukone and believe she is a true women of substance:-

1.    Deepika is every man’s dreamgirl – Daughter of badminton ace Prakash Padukone, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Bridled with all the luxuries in life, abundant beauty, fabulous figure and truckloads of poise, she is every man’s dream. Yet she has made it to the top on her own and without any godfather. She is an inspiration for all the wannabes who want to make it big in the filmdom.

2.    Deepika and her dimples – Bollywood has been partial to celebrities with dimples. Be it Sharmilla Tagore, Preity Zinta, Shahrukh Khan - they were the darling of the audience. Natural beauty, grace and her dimples enhance the darling quotient of Deepika Padukone.

3.    Deepika Padukone and her charm – Even actresses like Jacqueline Fernandes, Diana Penty or Lara Dutta have been seen warming up to Deepika. Her charm and self-assured warmth makes her co-actors warm up to her instantly.

4.    Deepika Padukone and acting talent – Deepika is a versatile actress and her performance in ‘Finding Fanny’, ‘Chennai Express’, ‘Ram Leela’, ‘Cocktail’ etc. were diverse and entertaining. Her upcoming movies include ‘Piku’, ‘Tamasha’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’.

5.    Deepika Paduokone walks with a crowning glory – This can be verified by her appearances on the red carpet. A showstopper and a fashion photographer’s delight, Deepika can pull off any look convincingly.

6.    Deepika Padukone and her sporty connection – Sports runs in her blood because of which Deepika pursued it actively during her formative years before Bollywood beckoned.

7.    Deepika Padukone is different – Deepika is not just a pretty face. She knows to speak her mind and has done so on a couple of occasions. She retaliated by writing a letter to Times of India politely when they passed some snide remarks about her. She came out in the open to speak about depression and has strived to create more awareness on that front.

8.    Deepika Padukone is the new age Midas girl – Even when Bollywood actresses are fighting and passing negative remarks with one another, Deepika shrugs them off and stays calms. Not the one for catfights and ugly spats, Deepika comes across as a level-headed person who has remained grounded despite the fame and recognition.

9.    Deepika Padukone is a self-made woman – Deepika is great at multi-tasking and runs her staff and household with discipline, meticulous planning and efficiency. She is independent and completely a self-made woman.

10.    Deepika is just perfect – With a stunning figure and face, she can launch several brands. Her gorgeous face and dimpled smile makes her a favorite of men and women of all ages.

I admire and adore Deepika Padukone. What about you?

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