8 Reasons To Avoid A Rebound After A Big Breakup.

Breakups are always a tough experience and we often look for a shoulder to help us get through it.

This is the worst thing to do after a break up- having a rebound where the other person is imagining a future with you while you are still sulking over your previous relationship.


1. Save Yourself Some Energy!

It doesn't make sense whatsoever to jump into another relationship. Get over the first one FIRST!


2. Do Not Play With Someone's Heart.

It might feel like real love, but deep down you know it's not true. You also know how it feels to be there, so STOP!


3. Do Not USE One To Get Over Another.

While it may seem like everything is ok and being with someone else may keep you distracted but honestly count the number of times you thought about your ex while your were with your rebound.


4. Do NOT Complicate Your Life.

You are already going through a tide of emotions now and then. Why complicate things by giving yourself and your rebound irrelevant explanations regarding your behaviour?


5. STOP Destroying Yourself.

It is normal to be sad after a breakup, it's a healing process and will leave you feeling alive again.


6. Stop Giving False Hopes To Your Rebound.

He/she might be in a fresh state of mind unlike you and will definitely be expecting you to behave how lovers behave in a relationship. Don't tell them that its gonna be okay soon, because it won't!


7. Stop Self Pity.

You are not the only one going through a breakup. There is no need to feel lonely. Hang out with friends, enjoy your own company. Start a new chapter again.


8. Give Yourself Time.

Heal and fall in love again. One failure doesn't mean you put a full stop to this beautiful chapter of life. Learn from your mistakes and grow.

Never give up!



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