15 Annoying Ways To Drive Your Guy Insane.

Yes, there are many ways we girls can annoy people in general but we can take it to another level in relationships.


1. Keep Cribbing About Everything

Keep Cribbing About Everything

Make him feel that he doesn't care enough, he doesn't make time for you or whatever you feel like mentioning!


2. Do Not Let Him Play Games.

Do not let him play games

Yes, this is definitely the most annoying things guys face. No wonder they dream of having a gamer girlfriend!


3. Do Not Let Him Hang Out With His Guy Friends.

Do not let him hang out with his guy friends

Ya, this will kill him like slow poison if he agrees to this even once.


4. Ask For More And More Attention Everyday!

Ask for more and more attention everyday

Just don't be satisfied with the attention he gives you. It should only be about you right?


5. Make Him Cook Food For You When He is Totally Exhausted Or Hates To Cook!

Cook Food

This is just for fun! Try it out. No one likes to do something they don't enjoy and specially while they are exhausted!


6. Do Not Let Him Use Swear/Slang Words

do not use slang words

You know...sound like that teacher you had in school and each time he expresses an emotion with a slang word, give him THAT look!


7. If He's A Non-Vegetarian, Keep Him Away From Meat.

Keep him away from meat

Non-veg lovers will know this feeling! *sulk*


8. If He's A Vegetarian, Force Him To Eat Non-Veg (preferably in public places like a restaurant or at a party)

Try non veg

Vegetarians only know how they stand the smell of meat!


9. Keep Talking About Your Super Hot Ex- Boyfriend.

Hot ex boyfriend

Nothing annoys a guy more than a competition as lame as this!


10. Do Not 'Allow' Him To Talk To Any Other Girl.

Do not talk to other girls

Make it a big deal that he spoke to someone else apart from you.


11. Apply Nail Polish On His Nails And Cry If He Wants To Remove It When He Wants Go Out

Nail Polish apply

He might be sweet to you when you want to play your doll games with him, but not letting him remove it on his own will....EVIL!


12. Talk About the First Time You Guys Met...Over Romantically At Least Twice A Day.

First time we met

He does appreciate how you people met but constantly talking about it might lead him to not react with the same excitement, leading to annoyance.


13. Tell Him He Stinks And He Should Have A Bath At Least Twice A Day.

Have A bath

Yes, This will not make him want to come close to YOU!


14. Every Time He Changes His Clothes/ Socks & Keep It For a Wash Without Telling Him.

Keep for a wash

While he desperately looks for those pair of socks he is going to wear again, let him know where they are!


15. Shut Him Up When He Wants To Voice Out His Opinions.

Shut him Up

Let him Keep his views and opinions to himself, let him rot in his on thoughts. From Annoyance to Insanity!


If you can relate to at least a few points above, Stop it right now! (unless you are doing it intentionally)

If you love the guy, DO NOT PUT HIM THROUGH THIS!

He might hang around inspite of all this but not for too long!



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