11 Reasons Why Deepika Padukone Is Worthy of Respect

Being a superstar is not easy. You lose out on having the normal life you were used to. Everything changes and your efforts to get back to that life can be difficult. 

Deepika Padukone, who was once a badminton player. took the ramp by storm as a super model and then stole a million hearts when she became the Queen of Bollywood.

She has the will to make a change and is a woman who deserves all the admiration of the world.


1. She Is A Hardworker.

Watching her performance enhance from 'Om Shanti Om' to Cocktail/Ramleela.

Oh! how can we forget the cute Meenamma character she played in Chennai Express.


2. She's Headstrong.

When this woman takes a decision, she sticks to it. Nothing can shake her spirit.

3. She Knows Her Roots

She knows where she comes from and why should she keep that life a part of today as well. 'Down to earth' is the word.


4. She Makes Time For Her Family.

Yes, this daddy's girl loves her family and makes sure they keep visiting each other and spend as much time possible together.


5. Break-Ups Don't Break Her

She fought thourgh her break up with Ranbir Kapoor seamlessly. She did mention the the difficulties she faced while shooting for 'Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani' but she remained friends with him even after that.


6. She's Intelligent.


If you have watched her interviews, you know this woman has her facts right!


7. She Speaks Her Mind Out. (when required)

She doesn't hold back, she says what she has to say. We all remember her reply to Times Of India, don't we?


8. She Is Full Of Elegance

Seldom will you find Deepika making a fool of herself. You will either see the young-happy Deepika or the elegant diva that she is.


9. She Values Her Friends.

She mentioned in an interview the pact she has with her friends. They all meet up once a year and spend as much as time they can with each other.


10. She Can Laugh At Herself.

We all have watched Deepu laugh her lungs out at Comedy Nights With Kapil and the AIB Roast Video.


11. She Fought Through Depression Without Letting The World Know.

Her story is no secret now. This diva came out more stronger than ever after her fight through depression. She mentions how she struggled through most of 2014 and the nobody had a clue last year. When she decided to help those suffering from depression, she spoke about it in an hour long interview with Barkha Dutt for NDTV.

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