Make in India and Narendra Modi

On the 15th Aug, 2014 from the ramparts of red fort Prime Minister Modi made announcement on “Make in India”. Many of our intelligentia were amused. Some thought it must be a mistake. Actually, it should read “Made in India”. What is so novel about it, anyway. Past governments had also embarked on the mission of self sufficiency. So Modi is nothing but a copy cat. He copies past legacies, puts his stamp and claims credit for the idea. This morning of 26th Jan, 2015 looking at the “Make in India” tableau on the Rajpath, my apolitical wife wondered should it not be “Made in India”? Oh my god, we made a fool of ourselves in front of the Americans!


I think it is important to understand the difference between “Make in India” and “Made in India”. As I was growing up, India started on the mission of self sufficiency. I remember reading slogans "Be Indian, Buy Indian". We started making everything from safety pin to space crafts. We failed miserably, barring a few exceptions, on all aspects. Our approach on most public utilities have simply been utilitarian. Convenience was not remotely a component of the equation. Look at our train stations, our bus terminals, our airports. Look at our trains, our buses, our government houses built for the masses. Building created to house government departments in New Delhi, apart from being dirty and messy, are aesthetically unappealing. Those are some of the examples of made in India. It tried to reduce foreign dependence, but created ugly monsters. One could neither live with them but nor could you ignore them


By contrast, the call “Make in India” is very different. It asks foreign companies to come to India and set up shop. India will provide cost effective labor. Government is assuring investors of cutting red tape and making business environment conducive.  India in turn would get investment, job and hope for our young unemployed.  There may be many other who will claim that there is nothing new in all these. True, but credit goes to one who shows the way.


Finally, it appears that Mr. Modi is turning out to be quite a savvy politician. He is not shy and reticent like Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh. Being a Gujarati he understands business and profit and loss, very well. As a result he protects Indian interest well through tough negotiation. Mr. Modi is also building personal rapport with global leaders at a rapid pace. He does not seem to have much inhibition and does not hesitate to speak his mind. These are the beginning of good times.

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